Welcome! The Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE) achieves Ƶ’s (AJU) mission, values, and institutional learning outcomes by providing leadership data and support in assessment, institutional research, planning, and accreditation. The mission of the OIE is to support and assure academic quality, institutional and educational effectiveness, and institutional integrity at AJU.  The OIE at AJU is comprised of two main functions: Institutional Research and Assessment.

About AJU’s Institutional Research

Institutional Research involves analyzing and disseminating data that is relevant to daily and strategic University operations. The data is used to inform university planning as well as the role, mission, and operations of AJU. Our goal is to maintain transparency by making this information available to university officials and the public.

About AJU’s Assessment

AJU employs a systematic assessment process that guides and directs improvements for the University. This includes using data for decision-making, program evaluation, outcomes assessment, and strategic planning. At AJU, there are four main types of assessment that occur to provide us with evidence of how they align with the AJU’s Mission. For AJU, the process of assessment is vital to the continuous cycle of improvement.

  1. Institutional Learning Outcomes Assessment – this process involves an assessment of how an academic program is achieving knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students should value, expect to know, and be able to do upon completion of their degrees and programs from Ƶ.
  2. Program Learning Outcomes Assessment – this process involves an assessment of how an academic program’s courses are achieving the program’s learning outcomes.
  3. Academic Program Review – this process involves a program conducting a self-study and is designed to evaluate and enhance the quality of academic programs through a focus on course learning outcomes, evidence-based decisions, and integration with institutional and School planning.
  4. Student Services Departmental Outcomes Assessment – this process involves understanding how AJU’s student servicing departments are achieving their objectives, goals, and outcomes.

For any questions, please contact Danielle Sassman, Dean of Institutional Effectiveness at danielle.sassman [at] aju.edu or 310-440-1519.