Ƶ (AJU) does not discriminate in admissions, employment, or in any of its educational programs or activities on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity and/or expression. AJU also prohibits all forms of sexual and/or gender harassment or misconduct. Any applicant for admission or employment or any member of the AJU community has the right to raise concerns or make a complaint regarding discrimination, harassment or other forms of sexual misconduct without fear of retaliation. Any such concerns or complaints will be promptly investigated, and appropriate action will be taken.

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX) prohibits discrimination based on sex in education programs and activities receiving federal financial assistance. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual misconduct, such as sexual harassment, unwelcomed sexual advances, or sexual violence (e.g., sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual coercion, and rape).

AJU’s policies regarding Title IX are available here.

All AJU community members including students, faculty, staff, volunteers, visitors, and any individuals regularly or temporarily employed, studying, living, visiting, conducting business, or having any official capacity with AJU or on AJU property, are expected and required to comply with AJU’s Title IX policy.

AJU’s Title IX Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the University’s compliance with Title IX, which includes providing education and training; tracking and reporting annually on all incidents in violation of this policy; and investigating, responding to, and resolving all reports under this policy. The Title IX Coordinator is knowledgeable about, and will provide information on, options for addressing and resolving complaints about discrimination on the basis of sex and gender (including sexual misconduct).

How to file a report:

Reports may be filed in the following ways:

  • By email, to TITLEIX [at] aju.edu (TITLEIX[at]aju[dot]edu)
  • In person, by visiting Sr. Director of Human Resources, Kim Warneke, HR Suite
  • By phone, by calling Kim Warneke at 310-440-1203.

Title IX reports and complaints may be submitted anonymously. Anonymity may limit the University’s ability to investigate and otherwise address the content of reports and complaints.


  • Confidential Resources and Support

    Dr. Glenn Peters

    AJU Psychological Counselor

    (818) 475.2666

    (800) 656.4673

    (800) 799.SAFE

    1250 16th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404

    (424) 259.7209

    Jewish Family Services Domestic Violence Services

    (818) 505.0900 / (323) 681.2626

    CSUN Community Agency

    24 hour support, referral, and crisis response line

    (818) 886-0453 / (661) 253-0258

    (800) 832.1901 / csatgmdvp.org (cs[at]gmdvp[dot]org)

  • Non-Confidential Resources and Support

    AJU Campus Security

    (310) 440-1590 / (310) 948-2065 / aju.securityataju.edu (aju[dot]security[at]aju[dot]edu)


    West LA Community Police Station

    1663 Butler Avenue

    Los Angeles, CA 90025

    (310) 444-0702

Title IX Training Materials: